Florida Prison Suicide Lawyer Fighting for Compensation

When a person becomes incarcerated, they do not immediately forfeit their basic rights as a human being. Prisons and other institutions that house incarcerated individuals are required to provide them with essential medical care. When they fail to do so, and that failure results in the inmate’s death, the establishment responsible may have violated the constitutional rights of the incarcerated person. At Lauer & Currie, P.A., each Florida prison suicide lawyer specialize in championing the rights of people who were denied necessary medical care while incarcerated. A common form of mistreatment that we encounter is the neglect of inmates that are suicidal suffer from other psychiatric disorders.

Inmate Suicide: A National Crisis

According to a recent article published by USA Today, suicide in the United States penal institutions are increasing at an alarming rate. Consider the following:

  • While suicide has long been the number one cause of death in United States, suicide while in jail reached at all-time high in 2014 with 50 cases per every 100,000 inmates (latest information available)
  • Suicide while in jail happens 2.5 times more frequently than suicides in state prison and 3.5 times more frequently than that of the general population
  • Approximately ⅓ of the inmates that either committed suicide or attempted suicide did so due to staff denying them drugs they had been prescribed for mental illness
  • 2014 federal statistics report 372 suicides among 3,000 jails surveyed
  • More than ½ of suicide attempts in jail occur during the first seven days of incarceration

Let Our Florida Jail Suicide Lawyers Help

If you have suffered significant damages due to neglect while incarcerated, or if a loved one has died due to neglect while imprisoned, call our firm today to speak with a lawyer who is dedicate to prison suicide cases. Our team of Florida inmate wrongful death lawyers have years of experience handling cases of this magnitude. Our attorneys are especially adept at ensuring those responsible for perpetrating these atrocities are held responsible financially. You can reach us online or by calling 954-533-4498.