Our Florida Prison Lawyers Demand Answers After a Death in a Juvenile Detention Center 

As our prison wrongful death attorneys know all too well, abuse of juveniles at detention centers can cause serious injuries to juveniles causing physical, mental, and emotional damage. Unfortunately, sometimes abuse that occurs to children and teens in juvenile detention facilities can even cause the death of a juvenile. When children and teens are sent to a juvenile detention center after getting into trouble, the center is supposed to provide guidance and healthy discipline to the juvenile to help them become productive future members of the community and law-abiding citizens. Unfortunately, in some centers across the country, juveniles are physically and sexually abused sometimes to the point of death.  

If your child or teen was abused or killed while at a juvenile detention facility, the attorneys at Lauer & Currie, P.A. are here to represent your family to vindicate the rights of your loved one. Our law firm has decades of experience fighting for the rights of incarcerated inmates and juveniles and we specialize in inmate and juvenile wrongful death cases. Contact our office today for an initial consultation. We want to help your family pursue justice for your loved one.

How Can a Prison Wrongful Death Lawyer Help with Your Case Involving the Juvenile System? 

Civil rights cases can be complex and require experienced lawyers who understand these complex laws and how to use the legal system to fight for the rights of their clients and their families. The experienced inmate wrongful death attorneys at Lauer & Currie, P.A are experienced civil rights litigators and can help your family with your case from the very beginning. We know how to collect all of the facts and documentation to build a winning case, and we know how to navigate the complexities of the law and the courtroom. Our attorneys will zealously represent you and your family to help you obtain the best results possible for your case. We are located in Fort Lauderdale, but actively serve clients throughout Florida’s jails, including those in Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade County. 

Fight for Justice – Contact a Jail Wrongful Death Attorney to Take the First Step 

Did your loved one experience a wrongful death in a juvenile detention center? If so, call the experienced juvenile wrongful death attorneys at Lauer & Currie, P.A. today for an initial consultation. Let us use our experience to help you vindicate the rights of your loved one who died in a juvenile detention center. Our attorneys are experienced in litigating wrongful death cases and we ensure that juvenile detention centers are held accountable and responsible financially for their negligence and neglect of your loved one. We are here for your family.  You can reach us online or by calling 954-533-4498 to speak with a juvenile prisoner wrongful death attorney today.